Mural ©ontroversy: Kerson v. Vermont Law School

      In 1993 Samuel Kerson painted a two-panel mural on the second floor of Vermont Law School’s community center with the permission and encouragement of the administration of the school. He intended for the murals to be a tribute to abolitionists, the underground railroad, and other activist opponents of slavery. Among … <Read More>


Given the tenor of the present historical moment I thought it not inappropriate to suggest that we all should read or re-read Frost’s famous poem–Mending Wall–published just over a century ago in 1914. That era was filled with conflict and on the brink of a devastating war. The poem is … <Read More>

“Jane Crow” Laws and Contemporary Sexual Harassment

For much of our history men and women frequently occupied separate spaces. Political arenas, courts, and places of public amusement typically were off limits for women. Some of these customs began to break down during the nineteenth century as women commenced speaking publicly to “promiscuous” audiences, claimed rights of participation … <Read More>